For a better future Sustainability

Our hotels primarily aim at providing the best quality service by keeping the guest satisfaction above all together with all of our employees. In accordance with this aim, BHM has adopted the principle of complying with legal requirements in all product and service processes.


BHM continues to be an innovative and reputable company powered by local values.


Adding value to stakeholders with the principle of "Happy Employee - Happy Guest."


· Fairness · Reliability · Sensitivity


Corporate governance principles: Justice, Responsibility, Transparency, Accountability, Consistency, Participation-Dissemination, Efficiency, and Productivity

Investor and Business Partners of Us

We are committed to provide services better than our competitors with the most effective costs by determining in the best way possible the expectations and requirements of our business partners sharing the same objective with us and our investor, who provides a peaceful and safe working environment for our personnel.

Integrated Management System Policy

BHM commits to:

Implementing an effective Integrated Management System, ensuring compliance with the integrated management system including Quality ISO 9001, Food Safety ISO 22000, Environment ISO 14001, Guest Satisfaction ISO 10002, Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001, Energy ISO 50001, and Sustainability standards,

Providing service without compromising on quality by prioritizing the satisfaction of all our employees, guests, and customers.

Our Strategic Management Approach

As BHM, we accept complying with legal requirements, standards, guest and customer conditions, and our rule sets; effectively managing risks and opportunities, setting measurable goals, and continuously improving all our processes as a fundamental principle in all product and service processes. We provide the necessary investment and employment in this direction.

In all our activities, we adopt the principle of achieving business results that create value for our stakeholders, maintaining long-term cooperation by providing a transparent and reliable environment.

Food Safety – Hygiene

Producing and offering healthy, tasty, and products that meet demand and expectations by ensuring good production practices, good hygiene practices, and appropriate environmental conditions; continuously improving, developing, and enhancing the food safety management system are our common principles for all facilities and brands.

Employee Safety and Investment in People

The primary goal of BHM is to provide a fair, safe, peaceful, dignified, and equal opportunity working environment for its employees, becoming an employer that all employees will be proud to be a part of and prefer.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We continuously improve our processes with the participation of our employees to minimize risks that may endanger the health and safety of our employees and business partners and to prevent work accidents.

We conduct continuous training activities aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of employees and provide training support by adopting an approach of having trained and conscious employees at every level.

Protecting human rights and ensuring equal opportunities regarding language, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, color, lineage, national origin, disability, and other protected statuses are our indispensable rules.

We develop social projects to support local communities by giving priority to local employment and collaborate with various institutions.

Guest Satisfaction – Guest Safety – Guest Focus

Our guests are the reason for our existence. It is our principle to follow and analyze guest complaints from all sources with the principle of confidentiality, to resolve complaints, and to inform our guests about them, turning

complaints into opportunities for improvement. It is our principle to compensate guests who are right in their complaints, to refund equivalent services, and to provide compensation.

Respect for the Environment, Cultural Heritage - Conservation of Natural Life, Endemic Species, and Sustainability

We aim to develop an organizational culture where we are aware of the impact of sustainability on our existence and future. We are committed to fulfilling our environmental responsibilities and ensuring sustainable resource use, reducing climate change, and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

Our main goals include preventing environmental pollution and preserving nature by using our natural resources efficiently, reducing the amount of waste at its source, ensuring recycling, or rendering it harmless.

We progress by conducting our activities without harming our cultural heritage, promoting and implementing our cultural heritage and values, spiritually significant areas, and traditions by preserving, promoting, and implementing them. We take pleasure and happiness in incorporating the authentic elements of our traditional and contemporary local culture into our operations, designs, and cuisine.

For the protection of cultural heritage, environment, nature, endemic species, and natural life, we collaborate with NGOs, provide project support.

We aim to leave a cleaner carbon and water footprint on our planet by making environmentally sustainable purchasing choices that consume less energy, water, and produce less waste in the procurement of our products and services.

Energy Efficiency and Management

At BHM, we consider ensuring energy efficiency as one of the most important steps related to sustainability. In all our facilities, we primarily measure energy consumption to identify problems and identify potential areas for savings. We provide long-term improvement through automation management and monitoring resources. We continuously analyze energy savings through maintenance, supervision, and monitoring.

We show sensitivity to electricity consumption by ensuring that all electronic products and equipment we purchase are energy-efficient.

We benefit from renewable energy sources, develop projects to reduce energy consumption, and support design activities that consider improving energy performance. In our projects, we consider factors such as technology, investment cost, global warming, and greenhouse gas formation.

Exploitation and Harassment of Special Protected/Vulnerable Groups

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect special protected/vulnerable groups. We know that it is important for the welfare of special protected/vulnerable groups and for protecting them from all kinds of harm, that protecting them from physical and emotional abuse and harassment is our primary duty.

Improving the living comfort and accessibility for our disabled guests and employees in our facilities are among our main goals.

Support for the Local Economy

We support the development of the region by providing services and products obtained from local producers, women entrepreneurs, or organizations in a way that supports the sustainability of raw materials and service-product suppliers for the facilities and brands within BHM. We help increase employment by creating new business sectors for the local people. We monitor our local and environmental procurement rates.

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