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Sport and Activities

  • Akra Hotels Akra Fit Card Akra Hotels Akra Fit Card M
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    You can train in the fitness center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, in company with private trainer or on your own.
  • Akra Hotels Sport Ve Aktiviteler Tenis Court Card
    Tennis Courts

    Enjoy the professional tennis experience by four open ground courts in Akra that serves in the heart of the city.

  • Akra Hotels Sport Ve Aktiviteler Plaj Voleybol Card
    Beach Volleyball

    You can collect pleasant memories by beach volleyball among the most beautiful tones of green and blue. Build up your team and enjoy the sweet rivalry.

  • Akra Hotel Diving Card Akra Hotel Diving Card M
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    Diving School
    Discover the rich blue deeps of Mediterranean.

    A rich blue experience is waiting for in Akra Antalya, where you can get diving training by Star Diving Academy. Enjoy the unforgettable experience by Akra that offers diving training at all levels included in the CMAS diving training program based in France and the PADI training system based in USA.

  • Akra Hotels Aktiviteler Bisiklet Card
    Free Bicycle Service

    Discover the beauties surrounding Akra by free bicycle service.

  • Akra Hotels Aktiviteler Bisiklet Masa Tenisi
    Ping Pong

    You can play ping pong to spend fun moments by sweet rivalries.

  • Akra Hotels Aktiviteler Basketball Card

    You can play basketball with your loved ones in Akra that offers energetic alternatives for guests who want to add action to their vacation.

  • Akra Hotels Aktiviteler Yoga Card

    Based on the Far East, Yoga is a type of exercise performed by mind, body and breathe. Yoga allows going through mental, emotional and physical healing, strengthening and purification processes.

  • Akra Hotels Family Room Slider Card
    Akra Antalya
    Grand Family Room with Sea View
    Enjoy the family vacation in rooms providing spacious spaces.
  • Akra Hotels Connection Room Slider Card
    Akra Antalya
    Connecting Room with Sea View
    Enjoy a spacious accommodation experience at our rooms decorated with details exclusively for you.
  • Akra Hotels Grand Deluxe Deniz Manzarali Oda Mainpage Card
    Akra Antalya
    Grand Deluxe Room with Sea View
    Maximum 3 persons can stay at our Grand Deluxe rooms offering a privileged world of 38 m².
  • Akra Hotels Corner Deluxe Room Mainpage Card
    Akra Antalya
    Corner Deluxe Room with Sea View
    Enjoy a full-range accommodation experience at our rooms combining elegance and comfort with the unique sea view.
  • Akra Hotel Handicap Room Card
    Akra Antalya
    Disabled Room
    The rooms, ranging from 26 to 30 m², are carefully designed considering the comfort and safety of our guests.