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The elegant main restaurant offers guests an unforgettable culinary experience with its pleasant presentations and spacious interiors.
  • Akra Fethiye The Residence Canndle Night Card

    Romantıc Evenings

    Candle Light Dinner

    Cabanas, providing a privileged Mediterranean experience throughout the day, host romantic dinners and special celebrations in the evening.

  • Akra Fethiye The Residence Balkon Restoran Card

    À La Carte, Turkish Cuisine

    Balkon Restaurant & Lounge

    Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with seafood and healthy starters at Balkon Restaurant.

  • Akra Fethiye The Residence Cuphea Card

    À La Carte Aegean & Mediterranean Cuisine

    Cuphea Open Air Bistro

    Cuphea Open Air Bistro, located close to the beach with a view of the sweetgum forests, offers the fresh and healthy flavours of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Akra Fethiye The Residence Food Reporty Card

    À La Carte All-Day Restaurant

    Food Repertory Restaurant

    The stylish main restaurant offers its guests an unforgettable culinary experience with its rich presentations and spacious interiors.

  • Akra Residance Fethiye Watergall Card

    Watergate Bar

    Experience an unlimited beverage experience in the middle of blue and green.

  • Akra Residance Fethiye Loby Bar Card


    Executive Lobby Lounge

    Enjoy exclusive drinks in a classy and comfortable ambience.

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