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    Make your skin happy with a range of therapeutic treatments.

    Revitalize your mind and your body with professional therapists practicing the world's most renowned techniques. Forget your fatigue with exclusive massage and therapy services.

  • Hot Oil Massage

    Applied with herbal gels, this massage can be very effective in treating rheumatism and all kinds of arthritis. The massage helps to drain the lymph channels, enhances your skin and relaxes your nervous system, as well as your entire body.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage can be highly effective in treating areas of the body suffering from chronic or intermittent pain.

  • Viola Signature Organic Turkish Bath

    Exfoliation with organic grape seeds, followed by a relaxing foam massage. Organic Aloe Vera, enriched with Monoi de Tahiti and Coconut, is gently applied to your head, along with a shampoo and hair care mask. The full-body gel mask consists of active ingredients including organic geranium rose, almond and ylang ylang oils.

  • Cellulite Massage and Tightening

    Provides acceleration of blood circulation; minimizes water retention; helps remove cellulite by tightening the bond tissue.

  • Lymph Drainage

    Massage performed by soft manipulation of the lymphatic pathways. Regulates blood circulation and helps to eliminate oedema in the body.

  • Sports Massage

    A deep muscle massage, applied with strong, rapid strokes.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Applied with special natural massage oils. An ideal massage for relaxation.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Applied especially for issues such as back and shoulder pain, tension, muscle pain.

  • Skin Care

    Let your skin breathe with a skin massage that utilises products tailored to your skin's structure and needs.

    Elemis Fruit Active Glow Facial
    For lustreless and dull skin.
    Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew Facial
    For dry skin.
    Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Facial
    For mixed and oily skin.
    Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial
    This revolutionary anti-aging face and eye care instantly tightens and rejuvenates the skin and reduces dark circles around the eyes. Liquid Radiance, Cellular Recovery and Amino Active Mask are applied with special massage techniques.
    Elemis Pro-Collogen Quartz Facial
    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face and eye area, helping to slow down the appearance of premature aging. Pro-Collagen Booster Serum, combined with recovery massage techniques and an anti-aging Japanese Silk Mask, give the skin a younger look.

  • Body Care

    Restructures and revitalizes your skin by cleansing, moisturizing, balancing, detoxing, thinning, tightening and anti-cellulite applications.
    Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap
    Combining the richness of sea plants and seaweeds with aromatherapy’s active ingredients, this treatment features a deep cleanse and toxin removal for the body. A full-body mask, consisting of a mixture of aromatic oils and warm seaweed, followed by a full-body foil wrap.
    Elemis Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap
    An exotic elixir that exfoliates and revitalizes the body. Following a mild brushing, warm oil is applied, followed by the Elemis Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap. After a deep cleansing, skin is brighter and softer; the treatment concludes with an application of Milk Bath Body Lotion.
    Coffee Peel
    Pamper yourself... A regenerative full-body wrap featuring a special blend of coffee. Exfoliates while refining toxins from the skin, thinning and tightening. Applied with herbal massage oils, this massage revitalizes your body and soul.

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Specials Therapies

Renew your energy with special therapies featuring the most exclusive examples of the Far East's traditional and modern therapeutic & wellness philosophies.

  • Stone Massage

    Based on ancient Indian healing methods, this massage is performed using hot basalt and cold marble stones. Stones placed at the body’s energy points of the body can help accelerate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension with the effect of pressure and heat.

  • Thai Massage

    An oil-free massage that relieves muscles and joints by accelerating blood circulation and allowing the flow of energy in the body, thanks to effective pressure on energy points and yoga stretching movements.

  • Mandara Massage

    Two therapists working in tandem perform this very special massage. This massage is applied using five distinctive styles of harmonious and rhythmic movements. You can choose from an array of relaxing Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese massages.

  • Reflexology

    Utilised by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese, this massage balances the flow of energy by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet.

  • Traditional Balinese Massage

    This massage uses effective pressures on the body’s energy points, along with soft strokes and stretching movements. It ensures the balancing of all the body’s energy centres and the integration of the entire internal system. Muscle tension is removed, the energy level rises, and both body and mind experience extraordinary relief.

  • Shiatsu

    An energy balancing massage applied with fingertips on the body's energy points.

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Package Programs
  • Turkish Bath
  • Monoi de Tahiti Massage
  • Organic Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • Baobab and Sea Salt Massage
  • Turkish Coffee Peel and Foam Massage
  • Mix Massage using four different techniques
  • Chocolate Mask
  • Balinese Ginger Peel
  • Balinese Aroma Massage
  • ThaiFootReflexology
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    Embark on a unique accommodation journey within rooms adorned with serene tranquility and comfortable details.
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    Step into a realm of privilege as you enter our suite rooms meticulously crafted with opulent details.