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Bike Friendly Hotel

Having protected the values of Kemer through its environmentally friendly policy since it was established, Akra Kemer takes a step toward a more livable world.

About Akra Kemer

With Akra Kemer, which hosts all kinds of cultural, social and sports activities, you can experience the reality of accommodation opportunities that you cannot fit into your dreams. Akra Kemer, which is united with nature and the city, continues to serve you by adding a completely different dimension to its philosophy that aims to be the owner of your unforgettable memories.

Allowing you to discover the nature of the Mediterranean inside the city, Akra Kemer will make you redefine the peace. You will find yourself close enough to touch the blue of the sea and the green of nature. At Akra Kemer, you can keep fit at all times by exercising while relaxing in the lap of the Mediterranean, and rediscover your soul through the energy of the music with a unique melody.

Designed with different needs and tastes in mind with 360 rooms of 11 different types, Akra Kemer prioritizes sensitivities and individuality. The unwavering goal of Akra Kemer is to offer a rich cuisine appealing to all tastes, to ensure professional sports performance, to encourage sports, and to offer the best for your personal care and needs.

It makes your dream of enjoying swimming in every season come true with the advantage of temperature adjustment of indoor and outdoor swimming pools of different sizes. You can meet yoga, pilates and tennis or improve your skills through its expert trainers and group exercises. Divers of all levels or those who have not experienced diving yet can discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean at Akra Kemer. Beach volleyball, fitness, table tennis, basketball, bowling and various indoor games, appealing to all ages, make you enjoy both fun and sports..

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Bike Friendly Hotel

    To employ personnel who are knowledgeable about bicycle paths/routes, provide information about the cultural, historical and natural riches of the region in digital or written format, continously provide information about the current weather conditions at general locations in the view, always monitoring the indoor bike shelter as well as the shed that contains the equipment for parking and fixing bikes, having a designated area with equipment for bicycle repairing, having speedy laundry and speedy drying services..


    Sustainable development in itself can be defined as activities carried out in a manner that protects natural resources from careless depletion and leave a healthy environment for future generations while also meeting the needs of today. Sustainable tourism is defined by the UN Environment Program and UN World Tourism Organization as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.” It is an aspiration to acknowledge both the positive and negative impacts of tourism, aiming to maximise the former and minimizing the latter. Perhaps one of the most important contributors to sustainable tourism is the environmentally friendly activity of riding a bicycle. But, what are the contributions of cycling to sustainable development and tourism.

    Riding a bicycle is a cheap and environmentally friendly form of fun exercise that can be enjoyed by almost anyone from children to elderly adults. With how healthy life styles and environmentally friendliness being very important things these days; many people seek to demonstrate the importance they give to them by displaying an environmentaly friendly attitude in almost every area of life, from the food they consume right up to the method of transportation they use in their day-to-day life. And here is where the importance of the bicycle comes into light. Powered only by the strength of its riders; being easily affordable, safe, healthy and of nonpolluting nature, bicycles are a very important tool to be used in the goal of achieving sustainable development and tourism?


    Having protected the values of Antalya through its environmentally friendly policy since it was established, Akra Kemer takes a step toward a more livable world. Akra Kemer offers services based on a bike friendly hotel policy in order to preserve and transfer to future generations the historical and cultural texture of Antalya without any changes and to discover this historical and cultural texture through cycling. It improves its services in an environmentally friendly manner by following the global innovations and technology. Within this context, it takes initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint by revising its consumption and service policy regarding the climate crisis, which has become a global problem.


    As Akra Kemer, we are aware of our responsibilities in sustainable tourism as well as development and we are determined to fulfill them as we try to leave a better world for future generations. It is because of this very determination to achieve our goals that we carefully control the amount of resources such as water, electricity and food in order to lessen the amount of waste we produce. We also use recycling and environmentally friendly production methods to minimize any possible damage to the environment, all without compromising the comfort of our guests.


    It is so easy and fun to find solutions for everything you need for your bike at Akra Kemer. The very first moment you arrive at the hotel by your bicycle, you will feel that the way you exercise colors up in a completely different manner with the high-quality service of Akra Kemer and the excellent nature of the Mediterranean.

    Transportation by motor vehicle is one of the major causes of global warming. Keeping the awareness of global warning at the highest level, Akra Kemer offers free bicycle service to its guests, while continuing to support the Tour Of Antalya race under Category UCI 2.1, gifted by Akra to Antalya. In addition, it has also been holding the Akra Gran Fondo since 2018, where many amateur cyclists participate.


    Aiming to bring a new perspective to tourism as well as the promotion of Antalya; Akra Gran Fondo is very important cycling event that aims to contribute to the environment via the minimalization of the carbon footprint by inspiring all locals to use their cars less in favor of using their bicycles more. Akra Gran Fondo invites all cycling-enthusiasts to pedal more with them for a healthier and better future.


    First organized between 22-25 February 2018 by Argeus Events and Seven Comm. in Antalya under the main sponsorship of Akra Hotels as well as with the support from T.R. Ministry of Youth & Sports, Governorship of Antalya, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the Turkish Cycling Federation and the Turkish Sports Writers Association.

    The Chairman of Akra Hotels - Haydar Barut expressed his views as the following:

    "As the oldest tourism group in the region, we wanted to give a gift.Therefore; we believe that both TOUR OF ANTALYA and AKRA Gran Fondo will not only bring a new perspective to the tourism and promotion of Antalya, but they are also part of a visionary project for both us as well as the city. However, this is only the start as we plan to make Antalya a destination for cyclists."

    Organized under the Category 2.2 of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for the first two years, TOUR OF ANTALYA was held under the Category 2.1 for the first time in 2020. The change of category meant that more important teams were able to participate in the event that year.

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Instead of cycling to your desired destination, you can prefer discovering a single specific location by cycling. We offer the service of transportation of your bicycles to the destination you, as a group, request. This service is available by the service procurement agreement with the third parties. Therefore, the service is offered after the transportation request is evaluated. We also provide a professional guide for your tours and trips upon request. Guided bicycle tours can provide you with information and guidance to discover the Mediterranean.

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Price List for Bicycle Rental Service:
  • Bicycle transportation (delivery and pick-up) charge (between Belek - Hotel) - up to 4 bicycles 35 Euro
  • In case of renting a bicycle, a bicycle repair kit (jackknife-style Allen wrench set, wheel repair kit, pump and inner tube) is supplied.
  • In case of inner tube replacement, the renter shall pay for the replacement cost amounting to 6 Euro.
  • In case of loss of any items included in the kit, the renter shall pay 10 Euro for the pump and 15 Euro for the jackknife-style Allen wrench set.
  • If requested by the renter, Shimano (road or mountain bike) or Look (road bike) pedals shall be supplied free of charge.
Mountain bike Daily 7 days
Aluminum 22 or 11 gears € 20 € 105
Carbon or Aluminum 22 or 11 gears € 35 € 200
Road Bike Daily 7 days
Aluminum 22 or 11 gears € 25 € 140
Carbon 22 or 20 gears € 35 € 200
One-Way Transfer Fees Between Antalya Airport – Akra Kemer
  • Passenger car (1-2 persons) - 78,€ (Transportation service shall be offered for maximum 2 bicycles)
  • Vito passenger car (3-5 persons) and vehicle for transportation of 1 bicycle and equipment- 265,€ (Transportation service shall be offered for maximum 10 bicycles.)
  • Sprinter minibus and vehicle for transportation of 1 bicycle and equipment (maximum 13 persons) 335,€ (Transportation service shall be offered for maximum 15 bicycles.)
You can buy spare parts, repair kits and other necessary items for your bike.
The Product List Available for Sales:
  • Inner tube of different sizes
  • Inflator pump
  • Bike saddle bag
  • Patch set
  • Gear brake cable for Mountain and Road Bike
  • Liquid sealant for blown out wheels
  • Bicycle front and back lamp
  • Chain grease
  • Bicycle lock with the key
  • Repair kit box
  • Bottle cage
  • Gels
  • Mini bicycle pump
  • Jackknife-style Allen wrench set
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Water Bottle
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Safe Bicycle Room

You can enjoy the ambiance of the Mediterranean, while we ensure the safety of your bicycles. You can keep your bikes in the indoor bicycle park or in the parking area, which are accessible at any time. The indoor bicycle park and the parking area are monitored with security cameras at all times to ensure safety. We recommend parking e-bikes indoors in rainy weather.

Bicycle Repair Shop

The most comfortable way of maintenance routines for your bicycle awaits you. There is a repair zone offering maintenance and repair services whenever you need. The products, such as bike repair table, bike repair stand, patch kit, clamp, bicycle repair tool kit box, tuning stand, bike grease set, bike chain wrench, bike backpack, floor pump, general repair kit, repair table set, are available free of charge in the repair zone.

Bicycle Washing Area
Support By Fully-fledged Mechanic

You can benefit from the knowledge and services of a Professional bicycle mechanic at Akra Kemer. With the support of the fully-fledged mechanic, Akra Kemer offers you such a comfort that you do not need to deal with the maintenance and repair of your bike. In addition, the relevant staff member will provide the support for the supply of the part you want. Guidance on the e-bike supply and spare parts is also available.

Exercise Equipment

There are areas with at least three types of equipment, where you can exercise before and after the ride. These include indoor and outdoor swimming areas, basketball court, tennis court, fitness and spinning studio.

Foods And Drinks That You Might Need

Hot and cold drinks and snacks are served 24 hours a day in public areas. 24-hour drinking water service is provided in common areas and rooms. Also, our shop offers all kinds of electrolyte and carbohydrate drinks as well as energy gels and energy bars that our cyclists can consume while cycling.


As with all the sports branches, diet plays an important role also in cycling. Akra Kemer prepares different special cyclist menus for each day under the leadership of dietitians. It informs you about the calorific value of each food you take and the menu contents. It has a rich cuisine appealing to all kinds of diets, such as vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian. The food you need before, after and during the ride are presented through the healthiest menus.

Information And Services You May Need

There are areas where you can wash and dry your clothes 24 hours a day after the ride. You can buy cycling outfits, spare parts, repair kits and materials from the general store of the hotel. Saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms and spa programs to relax your muscles, which are always fit due to the cycling, are at your service depending on your needs. Thanks to the bicycle usage areas and employment of staff members with the knowledge of the regional route, discovering the Mediterranean is only a question away. Information about weather and road conditions are available in the common areas. You can find the nearest bicycle sales, e-bike supply, repair and rental points on our website and the maps.

Antalya, Turkey
25 May 2024
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26°C - 24°C
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