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Akra V, Pet Friendly Hotel

Vacations are a right for our furry friends too!

With its Pet Friendly Hotel concept, Akra V unites guests with their adorable companions under one roof. Featuring Dog Friendly and Cat Friendly rooms, our accommodations provide a comfortable and secure experience for you and your furry friend. Situated in the heart of the city, our location offers convenient access to all the amenities necessary to cater to your pet's needs.

Dog Friendly Accommodation

At Akra V, we offer a unique experience for dog owners through our Pet Friendly Hotel concept. Our Dog Friendly rooms are meticulously designed with your canine companion's comfort in mind. Experience the privilege of sharing your journey with your best friend at Akra V, where we cater to your dog's needs with just a simple request to reception for pillows, food, and water bowls. Located conveniently close to dog walking areas and offering a variety of activities tailored for your furry friends, Akra V ensures your vacation becomes an unforgettable memory. Additionally, we provide Proplan (dry food) brand food for our canine guests, ensuring your pawed friend's routines remain uninterrupted during their stay.

Cat Friendly Accommodation

Akra V extends its Pet Friendly Hotel services to cater not only to cat owners but also to the comfort of our cherished pawed guests. Our specially designed rooms are equipped with the utmost comfort for your feline friends in mind. To ensure the best nutritional experience for our guests' beloved cats, we provide Proplan (dry food) brand food. At Başka Ol (Be Another) Cafe located within Akra V, you can enhance your holiday experience by enjoying quality time with your feline friend, adding another dimension of enjoyment to your stay.

Pet Friendly Rooms

Akra V's V Casual rooms, tailored to suit the requirements of a vibrant urban environment, are furnished with every detail to ensure the convenience and comfort of our guests. Embracing our Pet Friendly Hotel concept, Akra V extends this service to 13 of our V Casual rooms, accommodating guests who wish to stay with their beloved furry companions.

Başka Ol Cafe

Nestled beneath Akra V, the pet-friendly hotel, Başka Ol (Be Another) invites you to indulge in quality time with your four-legged companion. Immerse yourself in the realm of literature, relish delectable treats, or plot your next cycling escapade—all while your furry friend accompanies you. From designer collars to ceramic bowls, Başka Ol (Be Another) offers everything essential for your beloved pet, ensuring a delightful experience for both you and your best friend.

Regarding Pet Friendly Hotel and Accommodation for Our Cat and Dog Friends;

At Akra V, we provide comfortable and secure accommodations for you and your cat or dog.

  • Your furry companions weighing up to 11 kg are welcome to accompany you during your stays.
  • There is a daily charge of 20 euros for your furry friend, excluding food.
  • If you require a sleeping mat, food, or water bowl, please contact the reception.
  • We kindly request that you provide information about your cat and/or dog during the reservation process.

** The Pet Friendly Hotel policy is exclusive to Akra V and is not applicable to Akra Hotel (main building) located just across the road.

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    Akra V
    V Casual City View
    Enjoy a privileged accommodation experience at our rooms combining comfort, quality and elegance.
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    V Casual Sea View
    Enjoy a spacious accommodation experience at our rooms decorated with details exclusively for you.
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    V Casual Suite Room with Sea View and Balcony
    A perfect accommodation experience offering you the opportunity to open your eyes to the rich blue view of the Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you.