The Best 10 Restaurants in Rome

For some, the meeting point of civilisations, for others, the city of lovers... Rome, the intersection point of different cultures, where emperors burned cities for centuries, continues to fascinate its visitors.

From Navona Square to the Colosseum, from St Peter's Basilica to the Trevi Fountain, from the Sistina Chapel to the Castle of the Holy Angel, the city, which resembles a painting with every detail, welcomes people with the breeze of history, and attracts with its dynamic structure.

Rome has a gastronomic culture as varied as its history, art and culture. Each restaurant in this Italian city captivates visitors with its delicious dishes and traditional flavours. We have compiled the best restaurants in Rome that delight your eyes with their colourful ambiance and your soul with their gastronomic experience.

Here is our list of the 10 best restaurants in Rome where you can taste the exquisite flavours of Italian cuisine!

Checchino dal 1887

We start our list for the Best 10 Restaurants in Rome with Checchino dal 1887, one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The restaurant, which has been serving for approximately 130 years, has started to offer the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine to its visitors with modern interpretations over time. Checchino dal 1887, which is also appreciated by world-famous restaurant reviewer, is famous for its offal flavours and varied wine menu. If you like offal flavours, we recommend you to start with veal head served with citrus peel, followed by veal tripe cooked in pecorino, mint and tomato sauce.

Pro Loco Pinciano

Pro Loco Pinciano, named after Rome's most famous neighbourhood Pinciano, stands out with its exquisite flavours and attentive service. The restaurant's menu offers variety by combining flavours from different regions of Italy. In addition, the restaurant's wine selection is quite extensive, and also includes many options from Italian wines.

Cesare al Casaletto

We can say that Cesare al Casaletto, which attaches importance to freshness and seasonality in its flavours, is one of the restaurants frequented by travellers in Rome. Decorated in rustic style, the restaurant welcomes its visitors with a spacious atmosphere. Cesare al Casaletto specialises in Roman cuisine and has a menu of classics. We recommend you to try Cesare al Casaletto's paper-thin, deliciously crispy pizza rossa (a 16-inch round pizza spread with a small amount of tomato sauce and drizzled with olive oil, then baked in a wood oven).

Piatto Romano

Piatto Romano, located in the centre of the city, manages to appeal to everyone's taste buds by offering Roman cuisine as well as other flavours of Italian cuisine from pasta to pizza, seafood to meat dishes. In particular, the restaurant attract attention with its starter plates, antipasti and fresh and delicious options. Among the main dishes, the restaurant takes its guests on a unique gastronomic journey with specialities of Roman cuisine such as amatriciana and cacio e pepe. Piatto Romano's pizzas and pastas are also very popular.

Trattoria da Teo

It can be hard to find good restaurants in Trastevere these days, but once you enter Da Teo all signs point to you being in the right restaurant. Trattoria da Teo's gnocchi is a must try, especially if you are looking for a restaurant in the centre of the city on a Thursday.

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

Gran Caffé La Caffettiera, one of the most famous cafés in Rome, is located very close to the historic Pantheon. From the moment you step into the café, you are greeted by a wonderful coffee scent. In addition to delicious coffees prepared with quality coffee beans produced in Italy, you can have a sweet break from your trip to Rome with the desserts of the cafe.

Antico Arco

Located on the Gianicolo hill of the city, Antico Arco opens its doors with its magnificent view. Decorated with very elegant and modern details, the venue allows you to experience your dinner accompanied by the fascinating Roman ambience.

Da Enzo

Our new flavour stop on our list of the best restaurants in Rome is Da Enzo. You can start exploring the flavours of Da Enzo with sourdough bread and ricotta. Afterwards, the gourmet flavours of the restaurant with dazzling main courses should be experienced. Don't leave the restaurant without tasting the polpette (meatballs), a dreamy blend of beef, mortadella ham and pecorino cheese served in a thick tomato sauce. For dessert, tiramisu is the restaurant's favourite dish.


Pizzarium is, without exaggeration, one of the most important restaurants in Rome. Although the restaurant traditionally serves pizza, a humble fast food, by the slice, owner Gabriele Bonci has elevated it to an art form.


Eggs' menu includes many breakfast and brunch options. The menu ranges from classic egg dishes to unique and innovative recipes. In particular, we can say that the restaurant's special recipe "Eggs Benedict" is quite famous. Eggs, the most famous breakfast and brunch restaurant in Rome, is one of the favourite restaurants of travellers not only for its flavours but also for its warm and friendly atmosphere that embraces you when you enter.

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