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GYM In The Room

Welcome to a different experience, featuring sports in your room.


The "Gym in the Room" concept lets you move beyond the border, with yoga mats, yoga belts and yoga rollers delivered to your room for your convenience. Enjoy a sporty, fit holiday with this privileged service designed with fine details.

* To benefit from this privileged service free of charge, please inform the Guest Relations department when you make your reservation or during your holiday.

Akra Kemer Gym Card
  • Akra Kemer Sport Yoga Card

    A unique yoga experience awaits you – push the limits of your body within Akra Kemer peaceful areas.

  • Akra Kemer Fitness Salonu Card
    Fitness Hall

    Have a healthy holiday, on your own or with a personal trainer, at the indoor fitness centre equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and cardio equipment.

  • Akra Kemer Tenis Card

    You don’t have to take a break from your training at Akra Kemer, where you can enjoy tennis by the Mediterranean Sea. Competitive matches await you at the international court. The use of tennis rackets and balls are free of charge

  • Akra Kemer Aqua Gym Card
    Aqua Gym

    At the Aqua Gym - one of the most unique features of Akra Kemer – feel the healing and relaxing effect of water while exercising in the pool.

  • Akra Kemer Mini Golf Card
    Mini Golf

    The mini golf course in the privileged world of Akra Kemer consists of six different stations for maximum fun. Equipment available on the golf course is free of charge.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Satranc Card

    While enjoying the calm and tranquillity of the Mediterranean, you can participate in chess tournaments, winning exciting matches to reward your success in the game.

  • Akra Kemer Oyun Alani Card
    Kids Playground

    Akra Kemer, a child-friendly hotel, promises endless activities and fun for all children through out their holiday. Children enjoy privileges in a special area designated just for them.

  • Akra Kemer Su Kaydiraklari Card
    Water Slides

    With the water slides in the privileged world of Akra Kemer, guests are on an adventurous journey. With water slides, the entire family can cool down and have fun in the summer heat.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Step Aerobik Card
    Step Aerobics

    For guests who seek to increase their flexibility and participate in a wide range of activities, an energetic holiday with fun alternatives awaits you at Akra Kemer.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Plaj Voleybolu Card
    Beach Volleyball

    Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean offers a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Havali Tufek Card
    Air Rifle

    For guests who seek a different experience on their holiday, you can engage in safe shooting in the air rifle area, following a training session from professional instructors.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Bilardo Card

    Billiard matches promise delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday. *Paid

  • Akra Kemer Sport Boccia Card

    A delightful game originating in Italy, boccia offers a lively new experience amid the intriguing nature of Akra Kemer.

  • Akra Kemer Oyun Salonu Card
    Game Hall

    In this play room, guests can play darts and billiards, enjoy a bowling game, or use console games such as PlayStation, which is preferred by young guests. *Paid

  • Akra Kemer Masa Tenisi Card
    Table Tennis

    Pleasant times and entertaining competitions add movement to your holiday with your loved ones. Table tennis events at Akra Kemer await you.

  • Akra Kemer Spor Dart Card

    Darts tournaments, just one of the entertaining activities you can enjoy throughout your holiday, lead to lots of fun and lively competitions.

  • Akra Kemer Spor Basketbol Card

    At Akra Kemer, you can play basketball on a team or individually.

  • Akra Kemer Spor Su Sporlar Card
    Water Sport

    Akra Kemer offers its guests unforgettable memories with its wide range of facilities for water sports enthusiasts. *Paid

  • Akra Kemer Spor Cinema Card

    Akra Kemer offers its guests a unique experience in its specially designed cinema hall.

  • Akra Kemer Jakuzili Suit Slidercard
    Akra Kemer
    Deluxe Suite with Jacuzzi
    Experience privileged accommodation in suites with stylish, luxurious details.
  • Akra Kemer Penthouse Suit Card
    Akra Kemer
    Penthouse Suite
    Experience a different accommodation experience in the suite room decorated with privileged details.
  • Akra Kemer Direct Oda Cardd
    Akra Kemer
    Deluxe Direct Sea View Room
    Experience a privileged stay in deluxe rooms that blend comfort, quality and elegance.
  • Akra Kemer Kara Manzaralı Superior Room Slider Card
    Akra Kemer
    Superior Land View Room without Balcony
    Enjoy a stay full of pleasure in elegant and comfortable superior rooms.
  • Akra Kemer Superior Oda Cardd
    Akra Kemer
    Superior Room
    Enjoy a stay full of pleasure in elegant and comfortable superior rooms.