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Bike Friendly Hotel

Committed to preserving the historical and natural wonders of Sorgun, Akra Sorgun embraces sustainable living with the introduction of Bicycle Friendly Hotel facilities for guests, starting in 2024

Proudly holding a bicycle-friendly accommodation facility certificate, Akra Sorgun extends its hospitality to athlete guests participating in the prestigious Tour of Antalya and Akra Gran Fondo, the foremost cycling races in Antalya, proudly organized under the main sponsorship of Akra Hotels.

About Akra Sorgun

Akra Sorgun breathes life into the Sorgun-Side region, showcasing the unique beauty of the Mediterranean while seamlessly blending tranquility and comfort. With a diverse range of accommodation options, the resort provides a tailor-made holiday experience for every guest, including dedicated areas for adults, families, and mixed preferences.

An essential choice for families and adults seeking resort luxury, Akra Sorgun presents an array of amenities including 5 pools of diverse sizes and concepts, a private beach, a main restaurant, A'la Carte dining options, and bars showcasing exclusive flavors from global cuisines. Unwind in cabanas along the captivating shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where not only relaxation for body and soul awaits, but also an unforgettable dining experience beneath the stars.

Akra Sorgun, featuring 336 thoughtfully designed rooms catering to diverse needs and comfort, along with services meeting the standards of a bicycle-friendly accommodation facility, emerges as the premier destination for athletes seeking a cycling holiday in the scenic surroundings of Sorgun.

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Bike Friendly Hotel
  • Bicycle Friendly Accommodations

    Akra Sorgun provides an exclusive cycling experience in the Sorgun region, offering essential services such as private parking, a dedicated maintenance and repair area, expert guidance on bicycle routes, specialized nutrition menus, 24-hour access to clothes washing facilities, real-time updates on weather and road conditions, and a comprehensive range of additional amenities tailored for cyclists.

  • Cycling for a Healthy and Sustainable Life

    As a proponent of the significant benefits of cycling to both health and sustainable living, Akra Sorgun advances its commitment to eco-friendly practices through Sustainable Hotel initiatives that encompass design, construction, and operation phases. Elevating its dedication to green hospitality, corporate responsibility, and sustainable approaches, the resort proudly holds a bicycle-friendly accommodation facility certificate, further solidifying its position as a beacon of environmentally conscious hospitality.

    Cycling promotes a healthy lifestyle with a myriad of benefits, including disease prevention and stress reduction, heightened cognitive function, enhanced muscle strength, particularly in the legs and abdominal region, improved quality of life, psychological relaxation, and mitigated risks such as heart attacks through the reduction of blood pressure.

    For enthusiasts who integrate cycling into their lifestyle, Akra Sorgun provides bicycle-friendly accommodation facilities, guaranteeing an unforgettable cycling vacation experience for its guests. 

  • Akra Sorgun Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Policies

    Committed to safeguarding the natural beauty and history of Sorgun and Side, Akra Sorgun has upheld its dedication to sustainable living since its inception. With a vision to further enhance its environmentally friendly hotel policies, the resort proudly holds a bicycle-friendly accommodation facility certificate, actively working towards the preservation of Antalya's historical, natural, and cultural heritage for future generations. In line with this commitment, Akra Sorgun encourages bicycle usage and offers comprehensive services for guests seeking a cycling holiday, contributing to a sustainable and enjoyable travel experience.

  • Akra Gran Fondo

    The renowned Akra Gran Fondo, a premier cycling event in Antalya, annually attracts amateur cyclists globally, while Akra Hotel, Akra Kemer, and Akra Sorgun, distinguished as certified bicycle-friendly accommodations, provide athletes with uninterrupted training and cycling vacations, offering climate advantages and specialized services amidst the challenging tracks in the heart of the Mediterranean. 

  • Tour of Antalya

    The Tour of Antalya, a premier bicycle racing event in the region, annually unites professional cyclists under the main sponsorship of Akra Hotels, with Akra Sorgun providing bicycle-friendly accommodation services to athletes and spectators from around the world participating in this prestigious cycling race.   

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Cycling Holiday

Embark on your dream cycling vacation with Akra Sorgun's cycling-friendly privileges! Explore the unique nature and culture in and around Sorgun individually or as a group, with expertly curated routes. As part of our bicycle-friendly accommodation services, Akra Sorgun also offers the option of professional guides for tailored tours and excursions upon request. 

Akra Sorgun has everything you need for the perfect cycling vacation.
The Product List Available for Sales:
  • Inner Tube (Different sizes)
  • Tire Inflator Tube
  • Bicycle Bag (Under saddle)
  • Patch Set
  • Shift Brake Cable (for MTB and Road bikes)
  • Burst Fluid Filler
  • Bicycle Lamp (Front and rear)
  • Chain Oil
  • Bicycle Lock with Key
  • Repair Kit
  • Flask Cage
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Cyclist Mini Pump
  • Hand Allen Knife Repair Set
  • Gels
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Safe Bicycle Room

Safeguard your bicycle with peace of mind by storing it in our monitored bicycle rooms equipped with security cameras.

Bicycle Repair Shop

Enjoy the convenience of a maintenance workshop available at any time for bicycle repairs and adjustments.

Bicycle Washing Area

Akra Sorgun provides dedicated washing areas and bicycle cleaning equipment for guests, ensuring a convenient and thorough cleaning experience for their bicycles.

Fully Equipped Mechanic Support

Rest assured, our team of highly skilled mechanics, armed with cutting-edge equipment, ensures that you won't miss a moment of cycling joy during your vacation with expert support and maintenance services. 

Nutrients You May Need

Indulge in a diverse culinary experience with a range of dining options, including A'la Carte and open buffet, at Akra Sorgun. Whether after your training or during your ride, our food and beverage services are tailored to enhance your experience. 

Electric Bike Charging Area

Akra Sorgun features a dedicated charging area for electric bicycles. 


Stay prepared for training sessions during your cycling vacation with specially curated menus tailored for athletes.

Information And Services You May Need

Akra Sorgun provides guests with all the information and services necessary for a perfect cycling vacation within the framework of its bicycle-friendly accommodation privileges.

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    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Disabled Room
    Akra Sorgun, presents its guests a unique holiday experience with disability-friendly accommodation options.
  • Akra Sorgun Terasta Jakuzili Oda Card2
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Adult Penthouse with Jacuzzi on Terrace
    Discover a dreamlike accommodation experience in our Penthouse Suites, where elegant luxury awaits.
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    Honeymoon Room
    Unforgettable honeymoon experience with Akra Sorgun's hospitality and special touches.
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    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Deluxe Sea View with Jacuzzi on Terrace (Mixed Area)
    Discover limitless comfort and a truly unique accommodation experience awaits you.
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    Family Superior Sea View
    Delight in family getaways within spacious and personalized rooms.