Akra Sorgun Spor Etkinlik (16)

Sports & Entertainment

With live shows, colourful events and unique sport facilities, a holiday filled with fun and sports awaits you.
  • Akra Sorgun Fitnes Akra Sorgun Fitnes
    Akra Sorgun Sport Fitness Card
    Akra Sorgun Sport Dans Card
    Have a healthy holiday in the indoor fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and cardio equipment.
  • Akra Sorgun Sport Wellbeing Card
    Wellbeing Activities

    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori, offering a variety of activities for guests who seek to relax, energize, and experience a more active vacation, provides a range of activities including yoga, aerobics. In a lush garden with a wooden platform overlooking the sea, enjoy privileges that make you feel good.

  • Akra Sorgun Sport Dans Card
    Dance Studio

    Have even more fun on your holiday at Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori practicing lively dances. Dance sessions feature fun and fitness.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Bilardo Card

    Billiard matches promise delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Tenis Card

    Do not take a break from your training at Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori, where you will have a tennis experience intertwined with the Mediterranean Sea. The reservation is required to use 2 different tennis courts prepared in accordance with the international standards.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Futbol Card

    Serving guests who want to play football during their holiday, our football field hosts competitive matches.

  • Akra Kemer Aqua Gym Card
    Aqua Gym

    Feel the healing and relaxing effect of water by doing sports in the pool with Aqua Gym, one of the unique experiences of Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Oyun Alani Card
    Kids Playground

    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori, a child-friendly hotel, promises endless activities and fun for all children throughout their holiday. Children enjoy privileges in a special area designated just for them.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Plaj Voleybolu Card
    Beach Volley

    Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean is a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Okculuk Card

    At Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori, where you can enjoy every moment of the day during your holiday, you can also enjoy hitting the bull's-eye during an archery session. After a briefing with professional instructors, you can participate in individual games or tournaments with other guests. Be sure to make a reservation for this activity, which is free of charge.

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Oyun Saloun Card
    Game Hall

    A popular spot for guests, the Game Hall features activities such as console games, billiards and basketball. *Paid

  • Akra Sorgun Spor Masa Tenisi Card
    Table Tennis

    Experience table tennis at Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori to have pleasant times with entertaining competitions and add a little bit of action to your holiday with your loved ones.

  • Akra Kemer Sport Boccia Card

    A delightful game originating in Italy, boccia offers a lively new experience amid the intriguing nature of Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori

  • Akra Kemer Spor Dart Card

    Darts tournaments, just one of the entertaining activities you can enjoy throughout your holiday, lead to lots of fun and lively competitions.

  • Akra Sorgun Sinemalar Card

    A cheerful summer memory awaits you in the indoor movie theater of Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori.

  • Akra Sorgun Engelli Odasi Card
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Disabled Room
    Akra Sorgun, presents its guests a unique holiday experience with disability-friendly accommodation options.
  • Akra Sorgun Terasta Jakuzili Oda Card2
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Adult Penthouse with Jacuzzi on Terrace
    Discover a dreamlike accommodation experience in our Penthouse Suites, where elegant luxury awaits.
  • Akra Sorgun Jacuzili Deniz Manzarali Oda Card
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Honeymoon Room
    Unforgettable honeymoon experience with Akra Sorgun's hospitality and special touches.
  • Akra Sorgun Jakuzili Deniz Manzarali Oda Card
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Deluxe Sea View with Jacuzzi on Terrace (Mixed Area)
    Discover limitless comfort and a truly unique accommodation experience awaits you.
  • Akra Sorgun Superior Aile Odasi Card
    Akra Sorgun Tui Blue Sensatori
    Family Superior Sea View
    Delight in family getaways within spacious and personalized rooms.